Will your Non-Profit organization or favorite charity broadcast on YouTube in 2011?

 by Jackie Scott

Video above; Youtube Marketing & YouTube Optimization – Greg Jarboe talks about YouTube Marketing at 2009 conference

“YouTube Tops 2010’s Most Buzzed-About Social Network List” 


Congratulations YouTube!  Now that YouTube has been recognized by the Zeta 2010 Buzz Awards as the leader of 2010’s most buzzed-about websites and social media services, will your non-profit organization utilize YouTube effectively in 2011?

I know what you are thinking, non-profit marketing can be complicated.  While most marketing strategies focus on one goal, often to increase profitability, not for profit marketing focuses on five major goals – raise awareness, drive donations, reach recipients, cultivate volunteers and build communities.  And unlike for-profit marketing, non profits have eight distinct target audience, each with a different perspective – donors, volunteers, employees, recipients of service, the government, the press, the Board of Directors and the community.

You Tube provides an excellent forum for your non-profit to connect, inform, and inspire constituents across the globe and your organization. Consider utilizing  the power of video not only to get your message out but also to attract, engage and activate your constituents.  A savvy and sophisticated use of web video has the potential to build an active, vibrant base of supporters who want to stay involved with your mission!

Here are 5 reasons to consider using YouTube in your social media marketing strategy;

  1. YouTube is ranked #1 in Video search sites.
  2. YouTube is the #2 search engine, Google is obviously #1.
  3. YouTube videos can be discovered in a variety ways.  They can be found in a YouTube search, a Google Search, an embedded player, an external link, related videos or some other way (For example, 57% of online viewers share links to the videos online and 10% of video viewers share links with others by posting them to a blog or website).
  4. YouTube has gone main stream, with an audience that closely mirrors the demographic of the US population.
  5. According to US site stats from Neilson /Net ratings for December 2008, nearly half of You Tube Users have annual incomes of $75,000 or more (19% earn 75k-99k, 18% earn 100k-149k and 10% earn more than 150k).

Now that you know the buzz, how will you incorporate YouTube in your non-profit organizations marketing strategy next year?

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6 Responses to Will your Non-Profit organization or favorite charity broadcast on YouTube in 2011?

  1. Jenny says:

    While YouTube is important, there are so many other video sharing sites out there! Here are some tips for making your nonprofit video go vital by sharing on all of them: Link

    • niceworknj says:

      Hi Jenny- Thank you for your comment and for sharing the Sumac link! You are correct, YouTube is just the beginning and there are so many other sites and ways to post videos. I enjoyed reading the Sumac article and watching the “Pink Glove” example – Thanks again for the tips & tools.

  2. Wayne Elsey says:

    Excellent post and research about YouTube. It has become an powerful part of our content strategy at Soles4Souls and is a great way to engage your current and potential donors while at the same time empowering them to spread the message. There is a big difference between awareness and engagement that many nonprofits miss. I talk about it in Chapter 3 of my new book, Almost Isn’t Good Enough.

    Thanks for your commitment to changing the world, and I appreciate your efforts to continue the conversation about nonprofit work through your recent discussion thread on the Philanthropy LinkedIn group.

    • niceworknj says:

      Thank you for your very kind comments and the book recommendation. I love the title “Almost isn’t good enough” and Im delighted to learn that you are engaging and empowering donors using social media tools. This economy is challenging and shifting donor behavior requires strategy that builds loyal donor relationships, savvy execution that ignites passion, and results(ROI) that are truly exceptional!

      Thanks again for your kind words and for your commitment to changing the world!

  3. This is a great way for nonprofits to deliver there different messages for their different constituents. What is more engaging a video or a newsletter for capturing people’s spirits?

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