Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree trivia

by Jackie Scott

O Christmas tree! This years tree, a Norway spruce harvested from Putnam County, N.Y., measures 74 feet tall.  It takes five miles of wiring and 15,000 lights to create the spectacle!  About 2.5 million people come to New York City each year look at the tree and enjoy the holiday festivities.    Its more than just a Norway spruce, in many cultures it’s a symbol of faith, hope and eternal life. Once the 15,000 twinkling lights have dimmed and the holiday crowds have gone home, have you ever wondered what becomes of this symbolic  tree?  Take a guess by answering the trivia question below.

What happens to the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree after the holidays?

A)     The tree will be milled into lumber and used in the construction of  a Habitat for Humanity project in 2011.

B)    The tree needles are collected for manufacturing purposes in preparation for a possible avian bird flu epidemic. The needles of many varieties of Christmas trees contain shikimic acid, an important ingredient in the manufacturing of the antiviral drug Tamiflu.  

C)    The discarded tree gets picked up and will be grinded into mulch by New York Cities tree recycling service.  The mulch will be used in city parks and gardens to benefit the soil and will return to earth in a natural way.

D)    All of the above

You may be surprised to learn that the tree is repurposed in a  beautiful way that truly reflects the spirit of the miraculous holidays season with generosity and kindness.  Please visit the hyperlink for the trivia question answer.

 Happy Holidays!

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