Watch and share “The Last Text” before New Year’s Eve

By Jackie Scott

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 5,500 people were killed last year because of “distracted driving” and the largest proportion of those fatalities were people under 20.

In a proactive public relations move, AT&T is taking the lead on texting-and-driving prevention with an 11-minute documentary on the topic, intended to reach consumers before New Year’s Eve. The documentary, called The Last Text, features stories about people whose lives were adversely affected by texting behind the wheel, including the parents of Mariah West, who died after texting “Where u at?” to a friend.

The short film is terribly sad, tragic and will move you to tears.  Grab a box of tissues and share this video with your children, loved ones or students who clutch their car keys in one hand and their cell phones in their other hand.  Start a conversation around the “distracted driving” topic and then steer the conversation into a 2011 New Year’s resolution suggestion. 

Have you experienced a scary “distracted driver” situation?  Your comments and feedback are warmly welcomed.

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One Response to Watch and share “The Last Text” before New Year’s Eve

  1. Robert Brown says:

    This is so scary. I have very close friend who left his house on a Saturday afternoon to run to the food store and a mile from his house a young girl was driving towards him. She was texting and veered into his lane. He had no where to go and they hit practically head on. They both lived, of course she walked away with a few minor cuts but he almost lost his right foot below the ankle. He was in the hosiptal for 3 weeks and had several operations. He is ok today but it changed his life forever.

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