The Naked Truth of 2010

 By Jackie Scott

We have officially entered the entertainment industry award season where retrospectives of 2010 are abundant in the main stream media and on TV newscasts.  Colorful video montages are frequently created to capture the spirit and culture of the entire year in a 45 second video clip.  I wonder…if a news video production team could wrap up an entire year in less than one minute, is it possible to select one quote that captures the culture and spirit of 2010?

I challenge you to reflect back and select one quote, and one quote only.  The choices are endless, entirely subjective and there are no wrong answers here.  My choice for 2010’s quote of the year comes from an intriguing TED talk, on transparency in the corporate supply chain when Andy Ruben, senior executive at Walmart said “We are all going to be naked, so you might as well get buff”. 

2010 was the year of wiki leaks, controversial airport security measures, radical corporate transparency and the surge of social media.  Our personal data stream has become a raging river of valuable information open to the public and to interpretation.  For example, we have all witnessed the very sweaty and obviously uncomfortable interview of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg defending instant messages he sent while attending Harvard regarding privacy issues for Facebook users. And while Andy Rubens  statement “We are all going to be naked, so you might as well get buff” was referring to transparency in the corporate supply chain and not to social media networks, naked truth is the new name of the digital game.  In this digital age of instant information, global commercial, and social networks – naked truth will become the new normal, rather than the exception.  It’s time to get buff!

 What do you think?

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