Show Me the Money!

by Jackie Scott 

I recently received an inquiry from a CEO of a non-profit organization who asked me to take a peek at the organizations website and provide some feedback.  The website was visually attractive, easy to navigate, encouraged online and offline giving options, included all of the necessary information and even included a professionally produced video highlighting the organizations products and services.  While I was impressed with the esthetic beauty and the functionality of the website, something was missing – I wanted to see some more love.  Where was the passion, the mission, the leadership and the heart of the organization?  How would my humble investment really make a difference in this global organization?

Unfortunately, this  is an all too familiar scenario in the non profit industry.  Our organizations become so focused on making our monetary targets, we often lose site of the mission, the communities we serve and  the respect for our donors emotional intelligence.  Investing in an non-profit organization is an emotional connection beyond the rational and the analytical.  Constituents support organizations not because they have to, but because they want to. It reminds me of the movie scene from “Jerry Maguire” and the meaning of the word “Quan”.  If you have never seen the movie “Jerry Maguire” or need a quick refresher course in the meaning of “Quan”, please see the YouTube clip below.  After watching the movie clip, please ask yourself this question “Am I an Ambassitor of Quan?”  


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