Are you Lucky? Not getting what your want or expect can be the best stroke of luck!

 by Jackie Scott

Ann Taylor double hitter promotional postcard - Perfect suit with a 40% off coupon!

I received a wonderful surprise and stroke of luck in my mailbox this week.  Not only did I receive a “exclusive” 40% coupon (“exclusive” ha! Who are they kidding?) from my favorite store Ann Taylor,  but the promotional mailing also included a gorgeous, perfectly styled, spring photo of a Navy suit that I’ve literally been dreaming about.  The deep blue ocean color, fabulous fabric, classic lines and sophisticated style was exactly what I had been looking for and this suit was calling my name.   Apparently the fashion police, color trend analysts and style experts have completely dismissed the classic and very elegant Navy blue hue over the last 2 years.  Clearly, you can find a great fitting suit any day of the week in black or charcoal but finding one in Navy is truly a cause for celebration!

So I planned a date with destiny at the Bridgewater Mall on Saturday afternoon.  I grabbed my “exclusive” 40% off coupon, the picture of my Navy dream suit and a protein bar – I  was ready to do some power shopping!  I was on a mission to purchase that suit and like “Mr T” from the the A-Team might say “I pity the fool” who was going to try and stop me.  I arrived at the Ann Taylor store and shared my promotional mailing photo with the sales associate and asked her to “show me the way to my new navy suit”.  The sales associate quickly apologized and explained that the Bridgewater location did not receive the “tropical wool signature collection”  and suggested I visit the Short Hills Mall. 

Arghhhhhhhh….Saturday is my errands day, I don’t have the time to drive up to Short Hills to “visit the mall”,  I’m on a mission here!  I quickly left the store with my unredeemed 40% off coupon and after finishing my errands in the mall,  I decided to reboot with a cup of Joe in the food court.  As I sat there watching smiling satisfied consumers pass my table, I reflected on my experience  and my reaction to my unfulfilled expectations at the Ann Taylor store.  Life’s unpredictability and unexpected moments can challenge us, surprise us and invite us to explore new opportunities.  I quickly realized that I was so focused on buying that navy suit, I didn’t even take the time to look or see anything else in that store.  I decided to go back to Ann Taylor with a fresh perspective, an open mind and a willingness to explore their entire spring collection sans “tropical wool signature collection” in Navy.  To my surprise I was delighted to find fresh, modern and cream colored tailored separates with just a hint of glamour to update my spring wardrobe!  Sheer luck!

Ask yourself how many times you’ve entered a meeting with a proposal, preconceived outcome, or agenda in your head.  Has your extreme focus ever clouded your vision? Do you always take the the time to explore all of the potential and the possibilities in the room? By opening yourself up to possibilities and life’s unpredictability – unexpected discoveries, lucky breaks and successful outcomes are waiting for us everyday!

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