What can a Pearl Jam concert teach us about Social Media?

 by Jackie Scott

A friend of mine recently shared a Pearl Jam video on Facebook.  When I opened the link, I was instantly moved  by the lead singers introduction to the song “Betterman”.  While he was obviously addressing thousands of adoring fans in jam packed arena, I felt like he was talking directly to me.  This incredibly talented “rock star” was humble, authentic, funny and had the incredible gift of connecting with his audience.  Before one single note was played, he captured my attention , my interest and my desire to see more.  And once he began to play his guitar and shared his gift with the audience, something truly magical happened.  I was instantly mesmerized by the hauntingly beautiful tone of his voice and his ability to lead the entire audience into song. One man, one guitar and one unforgettable example of audience engagement through an interactive experience. 

How can we engage our followers in Social Media channels to sing our songs?

1. Be authentic –  If you are a rock star, be a rock star.  If you are a geek, be a geek.  Bottom line, just be yourself.

2. Provide meaningful content and gifts – Share info, links, video, pictures, blog posts, jokes, graphics, songs.

3.  Know your audience and understand their persona – Be strategic, purposeful, and understand the long term commitment required to create an active and engaged community of fans and brand ambassadors.

4. Listen and respond to your audience in real time – Know where your audience lives; listen and engage with them frequently.

5. Create a loyalty loop – The point of purchase is no longer the end point in customer/ client engagement.  Create brand ambassadors and evangelists by engaging with your followers and by providing excellent customer/client relationship programs.  Your customer/clients will be singing your songs in no time!

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