Social Media sleeps, creeps and leaps.

 by Jackie Scott

How much time should you and/or your company invest in social media and how quickly will a social media campaign reap rewards?  It’s a tough question and every social media plan should define and measure successful outcomes such as community engagement, branding/awareness, direct response, subscriptions, revenue generation, lead generation, etc.

With that being said, social media success rarely happens over night. Unless  you are Ashtun Kutcher, Oprah, Alyssa Milano or Charlie Sheen it is highly unlikely you will acquire a mass following of adoring fans within 24 hours of sending your first tweet!

I think social media is a lot like gardening – gardens sleep, creep and leap.  After almost 20 years of sculpting my little plot of dirt on this earth with weed wackers, hoes and chainsaws I have finally achieved an intimate mutually beneficial  relationship with my garden.  When I first started gardening, I didn’t know the difference between Virginia creeper and poison ivy and after several agonizing, oozing rashes and cortisone shots, I can identify a poison ivy vine from 5 feet away!  I know the pH soil requirements and the location of every tree, bush and perennial plant and when they will appear: the deer resistant daffodils arrive during the last  week in April, the peonies and tulips soon follow in May, Day lilies in June,  coneflowers in July and Hydrangeas in August.  My winter garden provides color, texture and beauty too with brightly colored maple trees in the fall and evergreens in subtle shades of blue, green and amber throughout the winter months.

How well do you know your target audiences habits and behaviors and can you provide year round interest?  Think ecosystem to create mutually beneficial and meaningful year round relationships.  Be strategic, purposeful and understand the short term and long term investment required behind all successful social media initiatives.   You will reap rewards and earn your social media green thumb by embracing all of the seasons and understanding that success may not happen overnight, but with careful planning it will happen!  Social media sleeps, creeps and leaps!

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