Adventures in Shameless Exploitation

by Jackie Scott
Ok Ladies…now that I have your attention, can we talk?  Where have all the good men gone?
It seems to me that every time I tune into the major networks, I attempt to tune out the latest shameless behavior associated with the bad boys of Hollywood.  And in this age of “equal opportunity” the woman of Hollywood are no slackers either.  The bad girls of Hollywood have  demonstrated that when it comes to shameless  behavior, it’s an equal opportunity playing field!
So my question is…can we  clone Paul Newman?  Here’s a guy who served his country proudly, worked hard at honing his craft and leveraged his fame to build a small fortune for local and global charities.
Paul Newman (1925- 2008) was a talented actor, director, creative entrepreneur, humanitarian and professional race car driver.  Newman co- founded Newman’s Own, a line of food products in 1982 with A.E. Hotchner.  The humble brand started in his kitchen with home-made salad dressing and has grown to include pasta sauce, lemonade, popcorn, salsa, wine and other products.  Newman established a policy that all proceeds, after taxes, would be donated to charity.  As of 2010, the franchise has donated in excess of $300 million!  And no thats not a typo, Newmans Own brand has donated over $300 million to charitable organizations!  Newman co-wrote a book about the fundraising project with his partner Hotchner titled Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good. 

So I have the following message to share with  the bad boys and bad girls of Hollywood.  If you are going shamelessy exploit yourself, can you do it for a good cause?
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3 Responses to Adventures in Shameless Exploitation

  1. Gina Gibbons says:

    Yeah, Paul Newman was a “hunk a hunka burn’n love”, a great actor and wonderful caring man. Old time Hollywood charm was what he had. Today’s Hollywood is mainly “Me me me” and show me the money. Sad.

  2. Rob says:

    Everyone should read Paul Newman’s obituary from the NY Times. It is a screen play for a life of integrity. I agree with the previous comment. “Well said Jackie.”

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