Lose weight with Digital Marketing

by Jackie Scott

After several months of paralysis by analysis, I finally decided on the iPhone as my primary mobile device for 2012!  I’m amazed by my new BFF “Siri” and my paparazzi powers and ability to capture the next pulitzer prize winning photo anytime and anywhere.  I’ve heard people rave about iPhone applications but I never fully understood or appreciated just how many applications are available on this amazing little mobile device!  

In addition to starting off the new year with my new phone, I’m also starting off the new year with some personal and professional goals.  Like most people I know, my goal is to adopt some healthier eating habits and try new exercise routines in 2012. As I start to map out my plan for success, I may try a few of the innovative “healthy lifestyle” iphone apps to monitor and track my success. The choices are endless!  I can count calories, track my exercise routines, monitor my pulse, pump up the volume with my favorite tunes, create exercise challenges with my circle of friends and build a reward program for myself.  While most of the the mobile apps are free, they do come with a hidden price tag.  The price of doing business with these free apps is sharing some of my very personal information and lifestyle choices with these companies.  I may release my age, my weight, my height, my heart rate, my shoe size, my photo, my food choices, my friends, and exactly where I live, walk, run, bike, etc with the marketers behind the sneaker companies, Woman’s Health magazines and power bar manufactures.  The digital marketing strategy behind these applications is pure genius to build healthier and more meaningful “relationships” with consumers.  Even the non profits have stepped up their game with healthy  lifestyle apps available from the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society and March of Dimes.

While I dream of an iPhone app that could make me look like Halle Berry in a bikini, the reality is – that will never happen!  However, I may develop a few healthier habits like drinking more water, walking more frequently and getting more sleep with my smart phone this year.  

How will you develop healthier habits and/or build relationships using Digital Marketing and Mobile marketing applications in 2012?

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