Are you a tree hugging, earth lovin’ digital do gooder?

by Jackie Scott

I grew up with the 1970s Coke commercials believing that we could teach the world to sing in “perfect harmony”. I grew up believing that everyone could and should make a difference in their own backyard, neighborhood or local community.

Fast forward 30 years to my crazy, hectic, yet wonderful life. Where my personal and professional life often collide via ipad on the kitchen table on a Sunday morning with warm bluberry pancakes, melted butter and maple syrup.

Time spent with my family is truly a  gift and my most precious commodity.  How can I carve out more time to serve my local community?  Enter skill based volunteering – skill based volunteering is a strategic type of volunteerism that exponentially expands the impact of non profit by incorporating a whole range of skills that strengthen the operations and services of nonprofit organizations.  Volunteer projects can be completed on your own time, your own terms and from your own home.

Digital do gooders may find “perfect harmony” with Skill based volunteering!

Here are a few suggestions to support your favorite non profit organizations;

1) Create a Social Media / Digital marketing strategy

2) Tweet about a local charity event or auction

3) Share why you are passionate about a cause/non profit organization via video

4) Assist a non-profit organization with launching a youtube video channel

5) Manage and train non profit employees about the power of SEO

6) Offer to write a blog post or newletter article for your favorite cause

7) Videotape and/or photograph charity events

8) Create a template sponsorship and/ or corporate gift proposal

9) Draft a Social media policy for the organization

10) Introduce one of your peers to an organization you are passionate about

11) Create a QR code to display prominently at local events ( better yet- link to online donations)

12) Redesign their current website

13) Optimize their current website for mobile

14) Organize a ” tweet up” to create awareness and excitement

15) Share when, where and why you are commited to your cause on your facebook page

16) Create a one year content calendar for an organization

17) Create a promotional video highlighting the organizations mission, vision and values

18) Assist the organization with crafting a powerful vision and mission statement

19) Determine donors ROI and assist the organization with cost reduction strategys

20) Join a few non profit linkedin groups to answer Digital/Social Media questions in real time user group forums


Are you a Digital do gooder?  Do you have any adventures in skill based volunteering to share?

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