Do Non-Profit Leaders need to be great tweeters?

by Jackie Scott

Last year I wrote a post titled “Do Public Leaders need to be great tweeters?” ( and since that time, I have been researching the role of Non-Profit leaders using this fluid medium.  Twitter is an excellent tool to connect, inform, inspire and share conversations with constituents and stakeholders.  However Non-Profits often struggle with swimming in this fast moving river of twitter streams.

If you are currently experiencing tweet defeat, relax, this post was written for especially for you!  Here are 20 excellent “tweet” idea examples to re-energize your twitter stream:

1. Share a quick 1-minute instructional video.

2. Announce social media participation via blogs and hashtag chats. Invite followers to join the conversation!

3. Tweet “Did you know” type announcements.  Consider fun trivia type questions related to your cause, mission and vision. Offer a prize or “bragging rights” to the first person to respond correctly.

4. Retweet a Gentle Giant or Social Media Ambassador aligned with your cause.

5. Welcome new Board Members to your organization with excitement and enthusiasm.

6. Send important reminders or checklists.

7. Post a “Photo of the day” aligned with your mission.

8. Retweet industry related articles, news or blogs associated with organization.


9.  Post ideas and creative solutions to everyday challenges.

10. Offer support and share local resources available.

11. Be the voice of authority and try not to take your self too seriously.

12. Outcomes!  Outcomes! Outcomes!

13. Mission!  Mission!  Mission!

14. Introduce a “Patient of the Month”, “Volunteer of the Month”, “Donor of the Month”, “Corporate Partner of the Month”, “Employee of the Month”, “Project of the Month” etc program.  Make your mission personal!

15. Use twitter to engage your audience in advocacy campaigns.

16. Share related articles and interesting news from your industry.

17. Create some good twitter karma by tweeting about another non-profit organization.

18. Set up a live video stream and share it with your followers.

19. Be the calm in a storm.

20. Search on your organization name and respond to tweets that are about your organization.

My hope is that you found this blog post useful and inspiring.  Please feel free to share some other examples!

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3 Responses to Do Non-Profit Leaders need to be great tweeters?

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  3. thanks, will definitely keep this in mind

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