12 good reasons to be a Philanthropic Partner instead of a Fundraiser

by Jackie Scott


 Image courtesy of Njaj / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

1) The Fund Raiser raises awareness for the cause; Philanthropic Partners command results

2) The Fund Raiser asks how much you can give; Philanthropic Partners will ask why you give

3) The Fund Raiser drives volunteer recruitment; Philanthropic Partners provide volunteer engagement

4) The Fund Raiser will try to change the world: Philanthropic Partners will be the change in the world

5) The Fund Raiser develops new contacts; Philanthropic Partners develop new relationships

6) The Fund Raiser inspires fear; Philanthropic Partners inspire enthusiasm

7) The Fund Raiser fears failure; Philanthropic Partners fail fast, forward and transparently

8) The Fund Raiser asks “Where are you?”; Philanthropic Partners say “I am here for you”

9) The Fund Raiser say “We need..”; Philanthropic Partners say “We have…”

10) The Fund Raiser will fly solo; Philanthropic Partners soar with abundant spirits

11) The Fundraiser says “I”; Philanthropic Partners say “We”

12) The Fund Raiser says “In the past…”; Philanthropic Partners say “In the future…”

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