About NICE

NICE Guys, Girls and Corporations finish first!

We have all heard the phrase “Nice guys finish last”. The phrase is attributed to 1939 baseball manager Leo Durocher who was originally referring to the opposing team rather than to corporate cultures or male/female relationship dynamics. The full quote is, “Take a look at them. They’re all nice guys, but they’ll finish last. Nice guys. Finish last.” Forget the 1939 cliché and fast forward to 2011 – People and companies that make a paradigm shift from seeking to “get more” to investing time and “giving more”, will build a huge competitive advantage in the years ahead. The Niceworknj blog was created to assist corporations, non-profit organizations and professionals with community impact and resource development strategies. The NICE acronym and recipe for success is pretty simple – Network , Invest in Social Media Engagement , Create Content , Energize yourself and people around you.

N – Network Build your online and offline network. We all have things to accomplish and failing to reach our objectives in not an option. Your brand and businesses require you to make things happen. Whether you have customers or constituents, sales or donations…it’s all up to you. Roadblocks and obstacles can be overcome by tapping subject matter experts in your network. Having a large network gives you the fuel (information, people, resources, connections, etc) you need to drive the innovation engine. In this case, bigger is better!

I – Invest in Social Media Engagement Involvement, Interaction, Intimacy and Influence are the 4 I’s of social media engagement, as defined by the Forrester Sequence1. In the first two stages of engagement – involvement and interaction –a prospective customer establishes a tenuous relationship based on essentially an exchange of information. In the latter two stages of social media engagement – intimacy and influence – prospects (which are now customers, donors or constituents) develop an opinion regarding the value of the brand experience. As customers/constituents move further along the continuum, they share that opinion and , if the engagement experience has been strongly positive , they might recommend, promote or even become a brand ambassador!

C – Create Content Content can become a valuable commodity in online and offline communities who are passionate about your mission, industry, your brand, your product or your service. When you are working with members of a passionate community, these members often find content more valuable than your product or service. Give the gift of relevant content and don’t expect anything in return from your followers. Give gifts without expectations and you will reap the greatest rewards.

E – Energize yourself and people around you People need to feel valued, recognized and appreciated. It’s a simple truth: how people feel at any given moment profoundly influences how they perform. Think about how you feel when you’re performing at your best. Nearly all the adjectives most of us think of — happy, positive, confident, optimistic — reflect a high quantity and a high quality of energy. Create energy and effect change in the world by inspiring people to give of themselves to others!

1Brian Haven, Marketing’s Key New Metric : Engagement, Forrester 2007


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